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Drafting the Right Tweet

May 17, 2017


Ever get a little nervous when you see this screen? You’re not alone. Drafting and crafting the perfect tweet may be a bit daunting, especially when you’re speaking on behalf of a business. Here are some tips that will help you become the Tweeter-in-Chief of your company.


Keep it Short and Sweet

While 140 may seem short enough, roughly 100 characters hits the sweet spot for an effective tweet. By limiting the amount of space you use in a tweet you allow other users to add additional commentary, which is great for gathering attention to your profile. However, limit the “text talk” and abbreviations, they may make you look outdated or moderately illiterate.


Include a URL

Twitter is great for attracting traffic to other websites and pages. If you’re trying to redirect traffic to your company website, write up an eye-grabbing introduction to the page that you’re linking to and let your followers take it from there.


Add an Image

Adding an image or GIF to your tweet is sure to drum up attention and interaction. The best images either react to or supplement what you’re saying in the tweet




Keep Up With Current Events

In many ways, Twitter has created a virtual water cooler with real time updates. This is not by accident, as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey actively promotes the conversational aspect of the app. He wants users to be able to log onto Twitter to find out what’s happening in the world and what people are saying about it. A successful tweeter will do exactly this by seeing what people are talking about, and adding their own commentary whenever it’s suitable. Keep up with local, national, and global events to further engage your audience.


Limit the #Hashtags

While Twitter crafted the art of the hashtag in 2007, less is more when using this tool. Hashtags prove to be a great mechanism in gathering attention and followers by adding your input to a trending topic. However, the use of the hashtag is a bit oversaturated nowadays. Keep it to one, maybe two, hashtags at the end of your tweet. #Dont #Be #That #Guy.

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