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The Power of Press Releases

May 17, 2017


We do a lot of work with law firms, political candidates, small businesses, schools, and non-profits who depend on free and earned media. Getting printed in the newspaper or covered by the local television station is the easiest way to advertise yourself and help your Google rankings. 


But many people don't fully appreciate the need to send press releases. Maybe there's just not enough to talk about. Or perhaps they aren't real keen on self promotion. Forget all that noise. If you're not sending out consistent press releases, you're losing out on a simple way to help promote yourself and your business. 


Some of our clients call us when something happens that warrants a press releases. A law firm settles a big case, a business opens a new location, or a candidate announces an endorsement, whatever. But for most of our clients, we try to send out consistent press releases, even if nothing special is going on. 


We like to get on a call with our clients a couple times a months and just brainstorm about possible press release topics. Just a few minutes of bouncing ideas around is enough time to come up with an excuse to send something out. Sometimes it gets picked up by the media and sometimes it doesn't. It's a win/win either way. Why? Because even if the news doesn't cover your release, you now have original content for your blog, social media platforms, and it's a reminder to reporters and journalists that you still exist and you're active. They may not write a story about THIS press release, but the more they hear from you, the more likely they are to write about your next one. 


Sending press releases is easy, free, and effective. I don't care what industry you're in, you ought to be doing it. 


Our media relations team at SPEAK Strategic has been working with local reporters for over a decade. If you want to be heard, picked up or written about, email us at to set up a time to talk. 

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