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Home Runs & Home Runs & Engagement Rings- World Series PR Edition

November 4, 2017


Usually I am not a fan of the stadium engagement. So… if my long lost future husband is somewhere out there reading this, please do not propose to me at a stadium... UNLESS you win the World Series… then I guess I can make an exception.


Before I dive into this, I have a few questions for Carlos Correa:


  1. Where was the ring during the game? Was it in your locker? Was it in your pocket?

  2. How did this not distract you the entire game?

  3. What if the ‘Stros had lost Game 7? Would you still have proposed?

  4. What if she said no… Wouldn’t that have made the best day of your life terrible?

  5. Where did you get that ROCK?

  6. Did you plan this with Fox? Did they purposefully interview you at this time? I hope the answer is yes.


Question 6 leads me into how this is INCREDIBLE PR. I was watching the game last night with a friend who was extremely uninterested. She doesn’t like baseball much. As I was admiring the post game interviews, she was dozing off, but then the engagement happened. We both gasped as our googly eyes were glued to the TV.


What a way to draw in a non-traditional viewer. Just after midnight last night, the television major in me immediately overcame the romantic in me and my mind wandered into thinking about viewers and ratings.


Now Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have not only blown up with celebration shots, but an engagement shot. This gives media outlets, bloggers, tweeters, and all of us digital people one more thing to talk about.


The takeaway- make it personal.


While I understand that Game 7 of the World Series is just about one of the biggest platforms out there and an engagement is probably the biggest personal decision of all, as a PR firm we can employ this tactic in our strategy on a smaller scale.


People want to see the personal side; it gives them something to relate to. Just as the person who isn’t a baseball fan all of the sudden becomes one when they see such a display of love on TV, showing off who you or your company is on a personal level could contribute to garnering new clients outside your typical realm.

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