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HIRE HER: A Brief Look At How Underrepresentation Of Women In Creative Can Hurt Your Business

March 9, 2018


As an undergrad, the halls of the arts building were filled equally with male and female students studying their craft. In and out of design labs, sculpture studios, and drawing rooms, we all worked side by side critique each other’s work and sharing ideas. Many of us went on to work in marketing and digital agencies as designers, illustrators, animators and videographers. But we soon found out the halls of our university and the halls of our new jobs looked a bit different, well at least the women noticed.


Female representation in creative fields, especially in marketing, is low. It’s even lower when it comes to leadership roles: in 2013, only 3% of creative directors are women. What is baffling is the fact that women overwhelming make the purchasing decisions for American households, so shouldn't we want female input when it comes to marketing to...women?


The truth of the matter is, when there aren’t women in the room where decisions are being made, it can hurt your business. Think of the tone deaf branding and ad campaigns of recent years- Bic For Her, Bloomingdales' 2015 Holiday Ad, and even Jimmy Choo. Women know when advertising and branding is lacking a female voice, and we react- by closing our wallets.



In my time working in the creative field, I never encountered a creative or artistic director who was a woman. Not until I became one. I am extremely fortunate to work for a firm that highly values women, our ideas and our opinions. I encourage other agencies to step back and make sure they are doing the same-and for clients to make sure they are as well. Doing so may make the difference in your brand’s campaign succeeding, or being ripped-to-shreds on Twitter.  


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