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Putting Your Best Footer Forward

April 3, 2018

I want to take a moment to discuss a website element near and dear to my heart - the footer. 


More often than not, footers are seen as an afterthought. The rest of your website has been designed, the copy meticulously edited, the pictures perfectly staged, and you're now ready to press that publish button. However, the bottom of your website needs a little attention to pull it all together. You decide to just add an email link and a standard copyright notice and call it a day. I’m asking (possibly begging) you not to do this, your website deserves better. 


Not strategically planning out your website’s footer is a big mistake that leads you to miss out on taking advantage of some prime website real estate. A study by Chartbeat found that: “Many visitors scroll down the page before it finishes loading, which means that no portion of a typical article is viewed by 100% of viewers and the very top of the top of the page actually has about a 20% lower view rate than slightly farther down.”​  In short, this means that you should pay as much attention to your footer as you do your header because it may actually be the first thing your viewers see. 


The following are some ways you can optimize your footers to better engage and assist your website’s viewers:


Social Icons
This is probably a given, but it is worth repeating: drive people to your social media accounts. Once your viewer has scrolled through your website, going to your social media sites to see your most up-to-date news and insights is a natural progression. This will also give them a chance to follow you and share your posts with their own followers, further expanding your audience. 



Contact Forums
Instead of offering just an email link, considering also creating a contact form for your footer. Contact forms are generally more interactive and see better results in opening up the line of communication between your business and website visitors. 


Call to Action
Now that your visitors have experienced all your website has to offer, what do you want them to do next? The footer is the perfect place for a call to action that promotes your website’s ultimate goal. Your call to action could involve a forum or a simple button asking your visitors to sign up for a newsletter or to receive a special email offering. 


Lastly, the footer is a great way to show off your business’s personality. Don’t be afraid to use a small amount of imagery that helps to highlight the character of your brand. You can also once again show off your logo, or even add a small image gallery featuring images of your employees and office. 





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