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5 tips for a successful internship

September 27, 2018



1. Focus on the end goal.


     Take your internship seriously. You are there to gain experience, and future employers will look at what you can bring to the table. So ask questions and give it your 110%!


2. Build a portfolio.


     It’s important to be able to show your accomplishments, so make sure you keep track of all the work you have done. While in college, I created an online portfolio that featured samples of my work and blogs I had written. It was a great way to showcase my abilities.


3. Accept the less-appealing tasks.


     I remember hearing a classmate talk about something they were asked to do and how it was not “in their job description.” Let go of the idea that you are above a certain task. Your supervisor wants you to make copies? Do it.

(Side note: Learn how to make copies and send a fax, if you don’t already know.)


4. Build relationships


     The best decision I made during my internship was to connect with people. I learned everyone’s names, and I made sure to say hello, smile and even ask how their day was going. This was so helpful when I had questions or needed assistance with a project.


5. Get feedback


     Don’t forget that this is a learning experience. You are not expected to know everything just yet, so ask questions and seek advice on how to improve for the future. My supervisor gave me great feedback, and building that relationship with her has allowed me to be able to stay in touch with her after my internship ended.



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